Hello, I love you – by Taarn Scott

Edited rubbing taking from woodcut, 2021
Collection of rubbings taken from woodcut, 2021
Woodcuts in recovered doors (work in progress)

An update on current projects:

These woodcuts are what I have been working on lately! (and are unfinished at current)

They take things from my day-to-day life (twigs, flowers – the views out of different windows) and warp and abstract them together, playing around with illustrative approaches in a different medium.

I am taking pencil rubbings as a way to document and archive the doors as they progress, hoping to potentially print the doors in a classic woodcut print process (without a roller but some DIY equivalent) Though unsure if will pursue traditional printing as I enjoy the doors as objects (rubbing is very unobtrusive)

Happy new year to all, hopefully better things to come.

3 thoughts on “Hello, I love you – by Taarn Scott

  1. Happy New Year, Taarn! I enjoyed looking at the doors during our virtual studio visit and it’s great to see the project develop. The rubbings look nice. The first one with the trees (?) even has some kind of a lithographic appearance, I would say. The idea of making giant prints with the doors is very ambitious, good lick with that! Did you actually mean using the whole door or just a part of it for the print? I didn’t quite get it.

    1. Thank you Anastasia! You too! Ah interesting, I really enjoy the aesthetic and feel of lithographs so maybe I will continue in that direction. Ideally (in a dream) I would love to try print the whole door? but in actuality, this may prove difficult (starting with full scale rubbings instead) Brodskiy’s piece is stunning! Thank you for the reference… very inspiring! 🙂 Definitely they are quite symbolic and play on interesting ideas… can definitely be pushed further!

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