H O W, Laura Salerno. Brazil

It took me 27 days to get here. h o w could I’ve come?
I tried the bus inside my mind but it was blocked. h o w could it work?
Then I tried the energy around me, but there isn’t. h o w can we maintain it?
It’s tiring to be in quarantine. h o w to be in quarantine?
It’s tiring to be an artist. h o w to be an artist?
It’s tiring to be in Brazil with Bolsonaro as president. h o w to live in Brazil?
It’s tiring to be in a world where one single man owns $193.1 billion. h o w could we take it back?

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    Nazar Niazmetov

    Dear Laura,
    Thank you for your first post here!
    I like the poem. I think the questions you’ve asked are actual for many people. There are many Bolsonaros and unsatisfied points, especially in the pandemic circumstances

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      Laura Salerno

      Thank your for your comment, it for me thinking a lot about the unsatisfied points of artists around the world, which we might have in common, which we might have different, how do ones relate to others… Your comment really got me thinking and helped me to continue (as in my next/last post). Thank YOU!

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