Currently in My Studio: Michele Kishita, USA

I’ve been working on and off on this project since 2013. It has had many iterations over the years, but now it is a wall installation, a metaphoric rainscape. I have recently constructed it in my studio, but I imagine in its permanent space that it would have a painted background or different color wall. The installation is constructed of paint stir sticks, cotton string, fishing weights, and gold leaf.

2 thoughts on “Currently in My Studio: Michele Kishita, USA

  1. That’s a great work! Does it have a title? I like the word you use — rainscape. It really does look like raining clouds. For some reason I also felt some connection to traditional Japanese art, especially prints. Maybe because there are so many depicting rain/fishermen or maybe because those wooden sticks remind some deconstructed fans. I absolutely love how you integrated the fishing weights — both visually and conceptually. One can really “feel” the heaviness of those raindrops falling from above.When you wrote about a different colour backound for a permanent installation — did you have a specific colour in mind?

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