Corrections: It The “Empty Skin” series in English, not the leather bag, Jianglong

The Empty Skin
We all have our own skins,with a soul inside or empty. The only difference is whether it has a heart inside, or it is a skin forgetting its heart. But we have to admit that any skin do wrap a heart, no matter what kind it is. The skin may not believe in its own heart, or may forget it, but a living, awake heart can never refuse the skin. The difference is that this heart is indifferent to protect itself, or to open the skin to touch and feel this world.
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    Anastasia Patsey

    Amazing work with material!

    1. Jianglong


  2. Marielle van den Bergh

    Hi Jianglong,
    beautiful work! I also like the film, where we can see the process. “Empty Skin” is a poetic title, much better than “Leather Bag”, although I understand from your explanation why this was the first title.
    The sculptures look to me also protective of their content. They are defensive of the rich inner life or the vulnerable heart. Eventually they could may be open up?

    1. Jianglong

      Thanks,may be I think it will open through it heart,

      1. Jianglong

        And it will be shown in the next works.

  3. Rosa Gauditano

    Hi Jianglong,

    I loved your sculptures. They are different and remind us of the current time, with shortness of breath, the faceless and closed characters, thanks for sharing!

    1. Jianglong

      Thank you Rosa,best wishes to you.

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