Connecting with Nature in the Studio, Cynthia Fusillo


I continue to reuse my materials over and over again making new configurations. It doesn’t feel like “lack “but rather respectful and sustainable. Mother Nature is enjoying herself during lockdown.

Tea and Nature Shoes
Staying Home
  1. Avatar photo
    Wesley John Fourie

    I absolutely love this!

    1. Avatar photo
      Cynthia Fusillo

      Thank you!!

      1. Avatar photo
        Cynthia Fusillo

        Wesley, your work is inspirational…I do feel a connection with it.

  2. Ciana Fitzgerald

    This is beautiful
    My mother used to make pressed flower artwork when I was younger and hang them around the house. Each time you would open a book forgotten dried flowers would fall out into your lap too, lovely memories. Your work takes me back!

    1. Avatar photo
      Cynthia Fusillo

      Ciana..thank you…funny you should mention your mother…most of these flowers are from my daughters….beautiful memories for me also.

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