“Cash machine” Katerina Muravuova

Personal sait specific projectproject “Cash machine”, gallery “KunstVitrin,” SP-b, 2019

In parallel with the demonstration of the process of work on the project “Your cashier’s check” I talk about the stages of working on an idea. Today I will tell about the project “Cash machine” and its specificity and place of exposure in the gallery “Kunst show-window”

Sait specific project – exposure of the project Cash machine in one of the sleeping districts of St. Petersburg. The exposition can only be viewed by walking down the street along the endless windows of the Lihachev Library in the direction from the “Fifth” grocery store to the “Dixie” grocery store and back.

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    Nazar Niazmetov

    Dear Katerina,
    It looks funny and witty. What did think the older people seeing this?..
    Is the gallery “Kunstvitrin” a project of the Likhachev library?

    It seemed I recognized the building, but I have not been in this area of before in fact 🙂

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