Brainstorm / List of Keywords / by Marie-Eve Levasseur

My current situation (moving from Leipzig to Montreal) overwhelms me, way more than it did 12 years ago when I moved to Germany. It affects my reflections on the very classic SciFi idea of teleportation: with all my body, I’m entering that idea of transit between places, climate, time zone, and social conditions. I’m moving from being a foreigner to being a citizen, my material world (or a selection of it) will have to move as well.

For the teleportation portals I want to develop further here, I am thinking of very organic forms and materials, with a protective symbiotic body cover for the duration of the trip (protecting against viruses and/or higher/lower temperatures), and I’d like to add storytelling stations to accompany the Augmented Reality effect. The stories could tell about the potential for subversion that lays in teleportation, the potential for solidarity and world making… I will share some new material soon. This week will be a hard one for the physical studio and home moving, but after that, I’ll be producing even more intensively here. See you soon!

  1. Good luck with it all Marie-Eve!

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      Marie-Eve Levasseur

      Thanks to both of you for the good wishes!

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