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Air is not subject to national boundaries. This simple fact can help children understand that, whether we like it or not, we live in a world where the destinies of nations are closely linked in terms of basic goods and survival itself. Environmental pollution in third world countries trying to achieve our high standard of living, in some cases, affects our air. Regardless of which decision on these issues is ultimately taken, any reasonable discussion of environmental issues, as well as food and population, requires global planning, global knowledge and vision of a common future.

Martha Nussbaum (Logos 2016)

Benjamin Bratton, in his book The Stack, sees people moving towards more complex solutions in the face of an environmental crisis. Such a crisis, when many territories will become uninhabitable. In his opinion, mass migration of the population will cause a rethinking of the rules for the movement and functioning of state borders.

Borders are systems of control created to collect data and validate a value of a person to the economy.

Borders are artificial and unnecessary. The world is decentralized, chaotic, post local, and connected more than ever.

Human rights to access goods and to move freely should be universal and independent of ID and geopolitical landscape.

Evgeny Lukuta and Meta ID Project team

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