Art can flow, Roberta Orlando

The second phase is started. After two months, I have been able to go around, and visit the streets of Milan. As the new phase begins, I am publishing my last post here.

All posts have reflected a selection of different moments during the lockdown, and the SPAR Virtual Studio has been a great opportunity for brainstorming and sharing different ideas.

Thank you to all the SPAR Team, and everyone who has shared different experiences and art expressions from multiple places around the world. 

Beginning of May. Lombardy, Italy. 

Flowers. The first thing I saw. Last time I went out, it was winter. Day by day, I saw trees and flowers blooming outside. Such a simple picture, but it looks totally new to me now. 

Closed. Empty, abandoned, covered, or locked, only a few doors are currently open. Many will not open again. The economic situation is also visible by these doors. 

Cesti sospesi (support baskets). In multiple Italian cities, people hang solidarity food baskets from balconies. It is a generous act. If you have the possibility, do it too. Otherwise, you can find other ways for supporting your community. 

3 thoughts on “Art can flow, Roberta Orlando

  1. Hi, Roberta! Congratulations on your first walk! It should be an amazing feeling to actually BE and WALK outside.
    Did your feeling of the city change in any way?
    A lot of businesses here won’t reopen either, especially small ones. It’s very sad, because we’re losing our favourite cafés, bars and shops. But maybe something new will appear instead.
    I love the idea with the baskets. Are they meant for supporting the people who hung them from their balconies or for those who are in the streets and can take something from the basket?

    1. Hi Anastasia! Somehow feelings changed when I saw empty streets in the city center, and more and more people living under bridges. That’s why somebody started to share food from balconies, supporting those more in difficulty.

  2. Hello!
    we are also slowly beginning to open here in Barcelona, Spain..but very slowly..When I walk outside I feel like a different a different city..and yes there are many small store fronts for rent now.
    I am also grateful for being on the virtual has inspired me and given me projects to think about.

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