Art can be resilient, Roberta Orlando

Waiting for the next trip, I though about my last one before the lockdown. In fact, before being stuck in Milan, I was in Venice. One of my favourite locations ever, which is also part of my background. Its history, art, and geography are really fascinating. A great meeting point between East and West, connecting different cultures from all over the world.

Behind its greatness, the city is still too fragile.

End of April. Lombardy, Italy. 

Soon, Italy should start the second phase, and everyone is waiting for it.

In the meantime, I found some pictures that I took in Venice last winter. It was after one of the worst flooding in Venice’s history. Mainly local people were walking on streets and canal-sides. As usual, water left signs everywhere, but people showed their resilience again.

Even now, people in Venice, as well as all Italy, will be resilient. 

  1. Liza Ordinartceva

    So beautiful! And I am so glad you are close to gradual opening and that museums are among the 1st institutions to open!

    I’ve been to Venice only once, 2 years ago, one night stay only, and I was kinda afraid of visiting – afraid of it being overcrowded and overqueued and me being a lost disoriented turist. And it was, but I wasn’t – Venice is truely magical and the magic probably comes from its fragility. And I can only imagine how great it could get when you’re not just a turist but visiting someone local – I was most facinated by the loaders and other workers speeding around in their boats!

    1. Roberta Orlando

      Thanks for sharing it, Liza!

      In Italy, museums should start to open their doors from next week, hopefully.

  2. Gay Hawkes

    Tourism renders beautiful places vulnerable. This is happening on our island of Tasmania and also in Venice. The corona virus provided a breathing space.

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