Andrea Stanislav (US) Fractured Love Songs, 2020

Fractured Love Songs is a poetic sonic video collage constructed from interviews recalling memories of love and loss, forming a visual and sonic cultural portrait of this complex time.

The audio recording form of the ‘mix tape’ is touchstone reference, as a personally constructed collage of music, while often regarded as a kind of sonic love note to whom the mix-tape was made for. Music conjurers singular moments from our past that transform with time’s passing — often shifting, mutating, or fading, Collage is a focus of my visual practice, manifested through hand-cut photographs and reflective paper and film materials. With this work, I am transferring my collage practice to the sonic realm layered with coexisting images to form a string of fragmented memories, reduced to singular moments through fractured sound bytes and images.

Our memories become a collaged modularity of thought — revealing in time a string of gaps, glitches, fragments, embellishments, and illusions.

Andrea Stanislav

A former-native of Chicago, IL (USA), Andrea Stanislav received her BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago before establishing her interdisciplinary art practice. Interested in pop culture, literature, psychology, film, and architecture, Stanislav deconstructs genre in both subject and material. Inspired by a variety of source material, her work exhibits a particular fascination with the art of the particular. She has shown films at Kronstadt Arts Festival and CYFEST as well as at festivals in Germany, China, and London. Her next solo exhibition in 2020 will open at the Russian Museum of Art in Minneapolis MN, USA. She is currently based in New York City (USA) and Saint Petersburg (Russia).

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