Agathe Simon (FR) Antoine, 2019-2020

A cinematographic experience dedicated to my oldest-known ancestor, named ‘Antoine Goubier’, a 17th-century ploughman. The link with the biennale theme is the generation gap between Antoine and myself (13 generations): it’s a tribute throughout time.

Agathe Simon

To pay tribute to her ancestor Antoine Goubier (1604-1677), Agathe Simon organized a banquet in his honor at the Forez farm where this 17th-century ploughman once lived. To celebrate his memory, each participant of the feast prepared a dish for him.

For the occasion, she brought together inhabitants of the commune where her ancestor lived (Les Salles, Loire, France), as well as students and researchers from the Lahic laboratory (CNRS), CY Cergy Paris University, and the Paris Cergy National Graduate School of Art (ENSAPC).

Agathe Simon is a Paris-based mixed media artist, born in 1977. Further to her Ph.D. degrees from the Sorbonne University and the Paris Conservatory (CNSMDP), she travelled creating art projects throughout the world for a decade. She has also carried out initiatic journeys in Central Africa, Peru, and Antarctica. Since her return to Paris in 2017, she has started a partnership with the art company The Group (whose members come from 27 countries), and is currently conducting artistic workshops at the Sorbonne University.

2 thoughts on “Agathe Simon (FR) Antoine, 2019-2020

  1. Very interesting what lengths people go through to preserve tradition, heritage and the memory of ancestry. Something I wish I could do myself. It’s something that in modern day culture is taken for granted. I enjoyed watching this piece.

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