I’ve decided to continue revisiting an old series I started back in 2015. The series is titled “Wool”. For me wool became a symbol of protection, a beacon of hope in a time of despair in my life. It also symbolized an identity that surpassed culture and incorporated spiritualty. At some point I decided to incorporate the concept of wool and turn it into a literal representation of my hair.

Recently I ‘ve started two new works. Both tackle different aspects of my main theme. I had no clear intent from the beginning but to explore and a new color palette, take a mixed media approach and implement new techniques.

The work below tackles the idea of accessing a higher form of self. Here the figure is in a transitional state accessing heavenly waters. The concept is derivative from scripture. Christ told the woman at the well that she could access living water. The concept introduced here is that apart from earthly water which makes you thirsty again there are wells of water in another dimension that can sustain you indefinitely. The figure here not only finds this well but see’s a new version of self reflected back. The old self – hair and body included begins to glow from the encounter.

There are concepts and philosophies about our selves that we hold on to but at the end of the day they are inefficient and often fail us. The entertainment industry for instance is infamous for inserting in our minds concepts of identity, which we willingly accept.

As far new materials, this was my first time using Conte pencil to draw the figure and it was a bit of a challenge. Tying in the whole color scheme was a bit different since I normally go for a more muted palette but I’m trying to explore a different color approach. I’ve definitely enjoyed using ink. For years I’ve restricted my self to either oil or acrylic but Ink has allowed me to become more fluid in my approach. I also love the contrast the ink provides in comparison to the other materials I’m using.

This painting is still on going and I’m hopeful about the results. I’m open to all feedback on this particular journey I’m having with this new painting. Thanks in advance.

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