больше вещей… (workings, muddling attempts at productivity)

Some experiments, 22/04/2020.

Not so sure about the work itself, but I am starting to paint again (plus a bit of escapism can be nice!)


There is more illustrative stuff on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taarnscott/ [mainly sketches produced in St. P~]

I hope everyone is safe and looking after themselves.



4 thoughts on “больше вещей… (workings, muddling attempts at productivity)

  1. I like the colour palette (there’s tensions in it) and the cropped composition.
    Could you tell a little bit more about the work? The size, technique and also the intriguing scene on the T-shirt?

    1. Hi Anastasia!
      I am working with old, found acrylic paints on repurposed plastic advertising posters (it tends to mean any work requires a lot of layering just to stay put and any technique is focused on making the surface work…) the scale is unconventional to canvases and paper-scaling, but approx 55cm2. The detailing on the shirt was added because I enjoy works that offer pieces of a narrative but ultimately let the viewer decide (and I thought that could be interesting when days are quite predictable at the moment!) I was thinking of classic Bosch paintings where the detailing is rich and chaotic! Thank you for your comment! )

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