URBAN ASPECTS / Quarantine – 2-3, Iara Abreu

2 – AND THEM ??? / E depois

The emptying of the city is extremely important in order to slow down the viral flow. In the reports, it is impressive to see in all places, in Brazil and abroad, where there was draining and the large centers because of Covid-19, the purification of the air and the reappearance of animals, mainly birds. In the Bahia de Guanabara Bay, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, coma absence of movement, it was impressive and beautiful “invasion” of the birds.

I think that humanity, the capitalist society will have to revise their concepts and values after the pandemic having.


O esvaziamento da cidade é importantíssimo para desacelerar o fluxo virótico. Nas reportagens, é impressionante ver em todo os lugares, no Brasil e no exterior, onde houve esvaziamento e dos grandes centros por causa do Covid-19, a purificação do ar e o reaparecimento dos animais, principalmente as aves. Na Bahia de Guanabara, na cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, coma ausência de movimento, foi impressionante e belo a “invasão” dos pássaros.

Acho que a humanidade, a sociedade capitalista terá que rever seus conceitos e valores depois que a Pandemia passar.

3 – THE THINKER / O Pensador   
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    Anastasia Patsey

    It’s true – the planet is better off without us. I do hope, just as you, that people will rethink their behaviour and attitude towards nature after the pandemic. But first we need to get to that “after”. I really like the “Thinker” drawing and the way you worked with the graphics of the text.

    1. Iara Abreu

      The THIMKER Drawing, which represents a “thinker”, has been in several other moments and publications and varies according to the context. Nice of you to like it.

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