Zahar Al-Dabbagh / Folded Time

Hello all! My name is Zahar and I am an interdisciplinary artist and dancer living in Saudi Arabia. I love to explore new methods of making and experimenting with both digital and analog materials in my work. In my studio amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, coping with this new reality has brought forth multiple definitions of what feelings of grief and isolation can mean. As a result, tools such as recycled paper, ink and free writing have found their way into my workspace. Also, as a dancer and current student of movement analysis, I have been incorporating elements of Bartenieff Fundamentals as a way to include the physical body into my art making. I look forward to sharing some of my work with you on this platform!

Folded Time – (paper, ink, glue, board / 5.8 x 8.3 inches – multiple)

2 thoughts on “Zahar Al-Dabbagh / Folded Time

  1. Very exciting, can’t wait to see your work. Using recycled material is fun! Also looking forward to seeing your work in addition to the digital and analog elements you mentioned as well.

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