Yu Gao:

Female contemporary artist & curator

Now live and work in Beijing

1971 Born in Beijing China

1991 Graduated from the Beijing Arts and Crafts Institute

1996 Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Department

1996-1999 Postgraduate studies, Central Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Department

2005-2006 Visiting Scholar, Central Academy of Fine Arts

2000-present  Teaching in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Exhibitions & project

Solo Exhibitions

1998  “YuGao Solo Exhibition”   

                      (Passage GalleryCentral Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China)

2007  “Breaking Illusion”–YuGao Solo Exhibition  

                                      (Three Quarters Art Gallery, Beijing, China)

2008  “Yong He”–Yu Gao Solo Exhibition  (Gehua Art Museum, Beijing, China)

2010  “Fritter Away”–Yu Gao Solo Exhibition (Yi House 798 Art Center, Beijing, China)

2014  “Manjusri”–YuGao solo exhibition  

                       (Shanghai Dolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China)

2015  “CIGE 11th Beijing”     (Beijing, China)

2017 “Ancient Battlefield”YuGao Special Creation  (Fiskar Art Center, Finland)

“Hay With the Throat” Yu Gao special creation

(Copenhagen, Denmark, Danish Art Research Association)

2019   “The Scenery Inside the Window” Yu Gao special creation

                              (Arts Letters & Numbers Foundation, Albany, New York, USA)

       “East Sea. West Ocean” Yu Gao special creation

                                   (Barbados Frish Milk Art Foundation)

Group Exhibitions

1995  World Art Festival of University Students  (Hiroshima, Japan)

1996  China-Korea Lacquerware Art Exchange Exhibition 

(National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China)

1998  “Century Women” Art Exhibition  (National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China)

     International “Biology” Sculpture Competition  (Cuneo, Italy)

1999  The Second Contemporary Sculpture Annual Exhibition  

                                     (HeXiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China)

      “Century Gate”–Chinese Art Invitational Exhibition  

                              (Chengdu Museum of Modern Art, Chengdu, China)

2000  Gain the Pollock-Krasner Foundation fellowship

Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Invitational Exhibition 

                                     (Qingdao Sculpture Museum, Qingdao, China)

    “Our Green Dream” Art Exhibition   

(National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China)   

“Dialogue with Henry.Moor” Sculpture Exhibition 

                                     (Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou, China)

2001  “Forest Walk” Art Activities  (Beijing YanQi Lake Sculpture Park, Beijing, China)

“Conflict and Containment”–China Modern and Contemporary Art Circuit Exhibition

                                              (Mantova Youth Museum, Italy)

      Gain the Pollock-Krasner Grant Scholarship

2002  “Open Festival”–Chinese Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition 

                                                    (Esplanade, Singapore)

Rereading a Decade of Chinese Contemporary Art–Guangzhou Triennial

                                    (Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou, China)

2003  “Reconstructing 798”Art Exhibition   ( 798 Art District, Beijing, China)

  “Today China Art” Exhibition             

                   (Beijing China Millennium Monument Museum, Beijing, China)

2004  Youth Artists of the Sixties and Seventies Nomination Exhibition 

                                        (Today Art Museum, Beijing, China)

Belgium-China Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition  

                                              (Brussels Sculpture Park, Belgium)

2005  HeXiangning Art Museum Collection Circuit Exhibition  

                                     (Overseas Chinese Town, Shanghai, China)

  “Yellow Sky Thick Earth”Art Exhibition  

(Beijing China Millennium Monument Museum, Beijing, China)

  “Playing Tricks” Art Exhibition  (TSL Art Museum, Beijing, China)

2006  “Element—Nationality–Folk” China Contemporary Art Exhibition  

                                      (Potsdam Art Center, Berlin, Germany)

2007  “Harmonious But Diverse”–China Contemporar Sculpture Nominal Exhibition 

                                         (Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China)

  “Free Floating”–New Art in China  

(National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea)

2008  “Virtual City”–New Power Contemporary Art Biennial  (Shanghai, China)

“Science.Art.Fashion”–Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Faculty Exhibition

(National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China)

2009  “Mirror Image”–Women’s Art Exhibition  (White Box Art Gallery, Beijing, China)

2010  “For Haiti”–Guardian Charity Auction (Beijing, China)

2011  “Hive”–Contemporary Art Exhibition  (Today Art Museum, Beijing, China)

      Datong International Sculpture Biennal  (Datong, Shanxi, China)

      “110-2”– Yugao & Zhangwei Exhibition ( Yue Art Musum, Beijing, China)

      “The dragon bore its 9 sons”–Suijianguo Art Exhibition  

                             (Beijng 798 Art Zone Hongxing Gallery, Beijing, China)

2012  “Jet lag” China & Germany Modern Art Exhibition  (Hanover, Germany)

      “Four Signatures” exhibition

                         (Beijing China Millennium Monument Museum, Beijing, China)      performance project “Relevancy with Kemari” Traversing 5000 Years of China

                         (Edinburgh International Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, British)

      “Unblocked”–ZhangWei YuGao Art Exhibition

                       (Beijing China Millennium Monument Museum, Beijing, China)

2013  performance project “Relevancy with Kemari” Traversing 5000 Years of China    (Auckland Art Festival, New Zealand  Adelaide Art Festival, Australia)

       The Second “Four Signatures” exhibition  (Castello 925 Gallery, Venice, Italy)

2014  Asia Contemporary Art Show (Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong, China)

2015  The “Wyeth” brand promotion sculpture creation  (Beijing, China)

      FASHION COSMO 22 Anniversary Theme art exhibition  (Shanghai)

      The Third “Four Signatures” exhibition 

                          (Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing, China)

2016 “The Land” – Russia’s “Four Signatures” Third Exhibition

                                  (Pushkinskaya-10″ Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia)

          The Fourth Exhibition of “Four Signatures” (Beijing Institute of Fashion)

2017 “Art Capital Theory” – 2017 Hurun Art Classic Exhibition

                               (Shanghai Duoyun Xuan)

          “Crush, Strike, Repeat” exhibition

                          (Fiskar Art Center, Finland)            

2018   Fiskar Performance and Video Festival

                                (Fiskar Art Center, Finland)

2019   Museum Night Art Festival Video Show

                         (St. Petersburg, Russia)

           Rochester Art Club International Women Artists Show

(Rochester Art Club, NY, USA)

        “Tradition, Identity and Cultural Memory’’-2019 China Contemporary Animation Image Mexico Invitational Exhibition

                            (Mexico Autonomous University / Toluca City Art Museum)

Planning projects

1999  “Diffusion”–Seven Person Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition  

(Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China)

2000  “Virtual and Real” Art Exhibition    (Wan Fung Gallery, Beijing, China)

2009  Established the “Unremitting”- Contemporary Art Scholarship Fund

2010  Co-curator for the “Warm Winter” Art Rights Defense Project exhibition series (Zhengyang Art Zone/008 Art Zone/Jiangfu Art Zone/Dongying Art Zone, Beijing, China)

Plan the “Stall” art exhibition  (Panjiayuan market, Beijing, China)

2013  “Mind.Beating” Exhibition – the collateral events of 55th Venice Biennale  

                                                          (Arsenale, Venice, Italy)

      “Indeterminacy”–Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

                                 (Castello 925 Gallery, Venice, Italy)

2014  “Mind.Beating” — Beijing Exhibition –the collateral events of 55th Venice Biennale

      Beijing Circuit Exhibition

                       (Beijing China Millennium Monument Museum, Beijing, China)

      “Nowhere to Exist” Exhibition      (Castello 925 Gallery, Venice, Italy)

      “Dancing with Gods”–GaoZhenmei Solo Exhibition

                                      (Castello 925 Gallery, Venice, Italy)

2015  Begin to plan the “Walking BRICS” Art Project ( India/ Russia/ South Africa/ Brazil)

      The Sixth “Unremitting”- Contemporary Art Scholarship Fund Art Residency

                                                     (Tongzhou, Beijing, China)

2016  “The Land” — Russia of the Walking BRICs plan

(“Pushkinskaya-10″Art Center, St Petersburg Russia)

“Spiritual Confrontation” Chinese art in Schoppingen 2016

                               (Artists Village Schoppingen Foundation, Germany)

“Winds Coming From All Directions”—Walking BRICS Project of Brazil

                      (Cultural Association Casa Das Caldeiras, San Paulo, Brazil)

2017  “Deep Meditation in the River”— Walking BRICS Project of India

                               (Banaras Cultural Fundation,Kriti Gallery)

      “Red”—Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

                             (Vryssaki Space for the Arts and Action, Athens,Greece)

2018  “Act in Unawareness”

                       (Sam Rit Residency, Thailand)

      “Confine of Freedom”

—16th Venice Architecture Biennale. Chinese Young Artists Exhibition

           (Venice Art Factory Space, Venice, Italy)

2019 “Just Because” Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

                            (Ushuaia, Argentina, Arctic Svalbard, Venice, Italy)

          “Calhan Salt Lake Creation Project”

                           ( Chaerhan Salt Lake, Qinghai, China)

Website: http://www.beijing2102.com

email:   yingwuzy@126.com


Address: 1-3-603A, No18,Futong West Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

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  1. Nice to meet you YuGao!
    I lived outside of Beijing for 3 months in an artist residency and also in Shanghai for 6 months. In fact, I should be in China now but……
    my work crosses over fashion/craft and fine art ..Also I have a strong connection with Venice. Let’s chat more!
    Cynthia Fusillo

  2. 您好,喻老师,我是北服雕塑2006级的,很高兴在这里看到了您的作品。我也有在这里发布我的博文,还请多关注,谢谢。

      1. 他比我低一届,我是北服雕塑专业第一届学生,一直到现在都还在坚持做创作。很高兴能在这遇到您,我的微信和电话是13810419181.您方便的话加一下,疫情过后去拜访您。谢谢。祝您一切顺利。

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