Introduction post from Natalia Tikhonova from the middle of Moscow

Hello, I’m Natalia Tikhonova, artist, curator and engineer, and it’s my introduction post.
I’m from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, but now I live and work in Saint Petersburg, and right now I’m in Moscow in the Garage Residency program. Actually I do not feel my belonging to one of the space and practice nomadic style of life. I’m interested in the non-institutionalized forms of arts and 2 years ago I’ve got the MA with the topic “Online platforms as hybrid forms of exhibitions” that also shows my nomadic view to art, live and space. I think that online platform works closely to the form of street arts, telematic practice and activism. The city today in my opinion is not only walls, streets or geographic coordinates, but the complicated structure of affects, interfaces, connections, communities and actions. During the residency I’m planning to share my thoughts of online platform and how it’s interconnected with the art, activism and affects, and create a map for the online-art platforms that forms City. I hope it will be interested and useful for viewers and residents.
Since it’s my welcoming post I will tell a bit about the phisical enviroment I’m in now. After that I will expand the space from the geographic to nomadic online coordinates.

Here is my room where I am now. It consists of the drawings from the pictures on nplusonerooms exhibition:

When I’m bored I draw around the wholes in the room:

Here are 2 soundtracks with the recorded audio that I’ve captured outside of the building. It has the deconstructed wind with the city voices. It also shows the pathos and the anxiety the is in the air in Moscow.
For these audiofiles I also thank workshop with the HSE Sound Art group.

(Btw It’s better to listen it with good bass sound system.)

What do you think about this?

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