Heroin overdose, Elina Fattakhova

The aim of my art is to draw viewers attention to different actual problems with help of provocative art. This scene of “Pieta” shows how Virgin Mary with a blunt object in her mouth sits with Jesus on her knees who is dying because of heroin overdose. Provoking must make people think about how true can be in what they believe. Why can’t my painting be as true as the images on the icons, or does it still make sense to believe in something we can’t evidence?

One thought on “Heroin overdose, Elina Fattakhova

  1. Hi, Elina! Thank you for joining us so soon.
    Is it acrylic? I like the canvas format and your half-graphic interpretation. Of course, I remembered Nolde: https://adindex.ru/files2/publications/2012/11/95001_emil_nolde.jpg

    What did you mean by “a blunt object in her mouth” – a cap from a syringe?

    I think it’s a curious concept – icons were some time ago the very tool for kindling hearts of illiterate people. Now, in our post-industrial culture (technocentric, though often no less barbaric), the reverse process is required: to detach from the letters.

    Hope to see more you works!

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