Exhibition on the balcony, Boris Moz

I am lucky to have enough materials and space at home to implement many ideas. I have always greatly respected my muse for helping me to create in any situation and in any place. Recently, I thought about having an exhibition of paintings on the balcony for the neighbors. I live on the second floor and there was a place on the balcony where I could fix the pictures. Thus, for those brave people who went outside to go to the store, throw out the trash or walk the dog, delivery men and couriers, my balcony became a gallery. Some people came closer and got acquainted, showing interest, asking about the technique of creating paintings. The distance between us was a whole floor, but at that moment I had not been closer to a stranger on the street than at the exhibition from the balcony. Smiles, applause made me blush sometimes.

  1. Eliane Velozo

    This is a great idea. I love it!

    1. Boris Moz

      Thank you so much! In the days of self-isolation, I miss museums and galleries the most.

  2. Ciana Fitzgerald

    This is lovely! I’m sure you brought a smile and some light into the minds of those passing 🙂

    1. Boris Moz

      Thank you! I hope so.?

  3. Avatar photo
    Anastasia Patsey

    That’s a beautiful gesture! I think the people who discovered this pop-up exhibition were very surprised and had a special moment in the day. Will you be continuing this and hanging new works?
    In St. Petersburg the Street Art Museum launched a flashmob inviting artists to make interventions from their homes:

    1. Boris Moz

      Thank you?! Yes, in the future I would like to make another exhibition, but now a pear has blossomed in front of the window and the balcony is not visible. Only a lot of flowers and heavy bees fly from flower to flower. And it’s sumptuously! Thank you Anastasia for talking about the museum, now I also joined in participating in their marathon?

      1. Avatar photo
        Anastasia Patsey

        The blossoming pear tree sounds like a nice natural installation 🙂

        1. Boris Moz

          ? Yes you are right! Happiness every day to watch this installation with chubby bees

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