Divine communication, Fernanda Olivares

After climbing up a tall tree trunk, dancers perform and play drums along with a flute in the skies; this represents human voices being listened by the gods or the divine. Originally, this ritual is an offering to the sun in look for soil, fertility, and abundance.

One of the latest paintings before confinement “Divine communication” Fernanda Olivares 16×16 in

When I went up, it became a personal ritual that made me face my fears and possibilities of representing collective dance not only by making it happen, but by sharing with a local community with humbleness and paradigm shift willingness. Voladores is a metaphor of being upside down or a “hanged man” in a positive way for viewing other perspectives, which I think is valuable remembering during these uncertain times.

Going up with Cuetzalan flyers ” Warriors of the sun”
  1. Avatar photo
    Nazar Niazmetov

    Wooow! Looks cool
    I like the composition of men in the air!

    And your photo is good too: picturesque landscape
    How many people were with you on the top?

  2. Iara Abreu

    Very good

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