Digital Flâneurs, Anne Fehres & Luke Conroy

Last weekend we filmed the footage for our video work Naked Windows. We used a 360-degree camera and converted our house into a film studio. We had collected so many objects and made several still lifes in our rooms that it became hard to walk around. After the shoot, we needed a day to bring the house into a normal functioning living space again.

Behind the scene photo: Front-stage performance in private backstage area

Outside the giant mess, it was good fun to shoot the scenes we had in mind, but even with two people it’s perhaps a very ambitious idea to shoot a film in one weekend. We needed multiple takes, brought ourselves in all kinds of weird positions and worked until midnight, but we did it. Now it’s time for editing and creating a matching soundscape, we’re planning to make a collage of photography, video and 3D objects within the 360-degree video. The scenes in the immersive video work are presented as modern still lifes—arrangements of daily life objects combined with objects from our imagination. 

Behind the scene photo: Video shoot in our previously private backstage area

The scenes are built on humorous reflections we had on living in the city in times of global change. In our video work the audience occupies the role of a digital flâneur, invited by us to peer ‘backstage’ into our personal interior spaces. In this role, the audience must negotiate their own curiosity and voyeurism while exploring the boundaries between public and private life.

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