“Cash Machine”. Katerina Muravuova

Personal project “Cash machine”,
personal space of Yuri Molodkovets “LIVED & WORKED,” S-Pb, 2016

In parallel with the demonstration of the process of work on the project “Your cashier’s check” I want to tell about the project “Cash Machine», which preceded this. You can trace how the image, shape, material that I continue to work with changed. From picturesque paintings the artist moves to work with objects – artifacts.

The infinite lottery of sets of products and a point of view from cashier’s place became a starting point for project. Each purchase which was placed on a cash tape was perceived by the author as the unconscious still life which was created by the buyer at the time of payment of goods. The consumer’s choice becomes the momentary characteristic of the person. It is a portrait of consumption. We can read this choice as a personal portrait of the consumer which relevant only for this timepoint. Other day, other choice, other portrait … 

The history of the project is the research which was conducted by the author for half a year in cooperation with a network of hypermarkets. Sets of goods on a cash tape were fixed by graphic and text sketches. Change of time of day and seasons of year found reflection on this pictures. The infinity of a cash black tape and unpredictable combinations of goods were put in basis for the art statement. 

Cash Machine project was exposed in gallery in the form of the long installation which closed space inside itself. Black ribbon (canvas with black background) connects picturesque still lifes (compositions from sets of goods on the ribbon), matching them in color and width. Black background acts as a new ultra-modern space in which Goods steam. This is how a single environment appears, surrounding the viewer with a ring of portraits of modern consumption. 

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