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A quick update from (rainy) London… So, change is in the air: Lockdown is set to ease on the 15th with shops opening and being allowed to visit (more) friends. I’ve had a good run getting on top of some projects and this skateboard is one of them. It’s titled: ‘Call Me Honey Bunny Once More..’ and will feature a female rabbit with a gun. I mean, why not right? :). I hope everyone is safe, well and full of beans! We can do this. x

  1. Liza Ordinartceva

    Hi Kjell! Great to hear London is getting back to life and that your lockdown time was fruitful! Here in St. Petersburg we have a very sunny beginning of summer and some local opening up is also taking place. Hope it will lead to the borders opening in some nearest future!

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      I know Liza! Fingers, toes and paintbrushes crossed 🙂
      Look forward to seeing you all soon.

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    Anastasia Patsey

    Hey Kjell!
    I remember you talking about the idea about the skateboards, and here it comes. Great! Will it be a pure art object or will it be useable (frankly I can hardly image someone being “brave” enough to actually ride it)? Also, why skateboards?

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      No it will purely be an art object – the lightly coated varnish I’ve used (aswell as the fabric that’s stuck on) won’t allow for riding these boards.
      I think I just got a wee bored with exclusively drawing/painting on paper and made a side step to street art. Where I was painting in Central London was next to a skatepark and the idea kinda started there. Sometimes ideas present themselves 🙂

      See you soon!

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