Art can call you, Roberta Orlando

In 2013, I took part into a global arts experiment by Satellite Collective (US), named TELEPHONE, like the children’s game. The rule was simple, but instead to sit in a circle and whisper a secret message from person to person, the organizers passed a message from artist to artist, and from art form to art form. More than 300 artists participated worldwide. It was a marvellous work of creativity and connection. 

All information regarding TELEPHONE are available here, or at the following articles published in Hyperallergic and The New York Times

Mid of April. Lombardy, Italy. 

After years, I received an update about TELEPHONE. A second tour is planned. I am delighted to participate again, and currently, my form of art and piece are secret, but I can share with you the previous one.

Image from High Set, digital photography, Roberta Orlando

TELEPHONE is reaching more artists around the world. If you are interested and you want to take part in it, more information are available on Wooloo:

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