Adding to My Indoor Garden, Cynthia Fusillo

Since I cannot step out into the world my studio walls have become my canvas/background for creating other worlds. I feel lucky and grateful to have a place that is safe and comfortable to create.

Every day I have been meditating while concentrating on my HEART, thinking of all those that are going through challenging times during this pandemic and always. I feel by sending out good vibrations to others not as fortunate as myself ,I am at least helping in a collective energy way.

Stay well!!



4 thoughts on “Adding to My Indoor Garden, Cynthia Fusillo

  1. I like how this piece shows very contrasting natural materials — the strong, raw wood and the gentle, fragile flowers.
    I can also easily imagine these scenes “translated” into a different media, maybe textile or painting.

    1. Thank you Anastasia!
      I am working a lot with the idea of fragile/strong …how fragile can mean strong and strong can mean fragile. I did some textile design many moons ago and I loved it. For some years I have done paper dresses with design and text.

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