360-Photo project about artists spaces

“In November, as part of a virtual residency, I began to collect a documentary project with spatial photographs, whare main point is to fixing artists and their spaces the Pushkinskaya-10 Art Center. The name for the project that immediately came to my mind was associated with the inscription on the banner “Freedom is a Space for the Spirit” which hung for several years on one of the buildings of the art center buildings and was removed a few months before the start of the residence. So slightly paraphrasing this line to the realities of the present perception of the concept of freedom in post-quarantine period, there was a variant of replacing the two main words “Spirit Is A Space For The Freedom”. With the help of panoramic photographs, we will be able to look into the secluded workshops, feel the spirit of each space, touch the atmosphere of creating art works, see and hear a working artist in the process. ~ Ilia Symphoсat

In this post i want to share a video teaser about how we are doing this photo capturing of artists spaces with help by youtube channel Sonorum Scientia, wich specializing on 360 videos and spatial sound in Saint-Petersburg.

Link to video teaser (for more spatial effect please use your mouse and headphones):

Photo of original banner on the wall in Art Center “Pushkinskaya-10”

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