Numbers as Art (pArt 4) / Ilia Bouslakov (Russia)

Today we are in search of beauty in numbers.

Of course, the beauty is difficult to define, but I think that in simple terms, this is what makes you want to look at it over and over again (and not through as we usually do while looking at numbers) – symmetry or asymmetry, shapes, colors, etc., or even the idea behind it.

Below some beauty in numbers as I see it (paper 42×30 cm, acrylic).

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“Number 225”. Comment: a horizontal “2” crossed by vertical “2” and “5”.
“Number 301”.
“Number 180”. Comment: “8” in the middle, the left part of which is cut off by “1”, the right part by “0”.
“Number 88”. Comment: “8”is made of two circles. Here we have four circles.
“Number 304”. Comment: black “3” and “4” hiding partly behind red “0”.
“Number 74”. Comment: “7” crossed by “4”.
“Number 220”. “2” top left figure and the one in the middle. Right “hollow” figure – “0”.
“Number 222”.
“Number 233”. Comment: left circle is “2” rotated 45º clockwise (the notch on the left is higher than the notch on the right). Right circles – “3”.
“Number 346”. Comment: left figure is mirrored “3”; figure in the middle on the top is a mirrored “4”; figure in the middle at the bottom and at the top right is “6”.

to be continued…

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