The Lowest Season

Star Trauth-Award winning artist, lifelong activist, and published author

Depictions of Pain, Detail

You can still see the stars from rock bottom.

Star Trauth

Everything feels like a plausible lie

Pain runs through my veins like fire

It covers my skin, a blanket of agony

Cloth tight, bruising my wrists

My hands go numb and tingle

I bite down

Grind my teeth to the gums

Screams escape their prison behind my lips

The only thing to escape captivity

Eyes open as I fear I may die 

Sun and moon sleep before me 

On my face I beg for mercy

All that remains is the tangible pain

Depictions of Pain 2023, hand and heat molded fiber, low relief collage

The Cure ‘Pornography’

This is the only LP that has felt like pain in my collection. Its tone renders contemplations and feelings of deep thoughts and dark places. That’s not to say I dislike it, I love it. Those thoughts and places need attention. I listen to it when I ache and when I cry. It has not only gotten me through this piece, but it has gotten me through many difficult periods. 

  1. Jonni

    I stopped listening to The Cure in the early 90’s (a result of a friend in a too amorous relationship with a band member, and spending too much time with them personally) but I understand your intricate feelings brought forth with this song.
    The piece is beautiful. Dark and writhing. I see eels.

    1. Star Trauth

      thank you. I can understand that. Music often punctuate things for me that I cannot erase. I love that you see eels.

  2. Tina Zumbiel

    You are one strong and amazing woman. I’m so proud of your accomplishments even through the lowest season of your life! I pray God takes away your pain 🙏💞

    1. Star Trauth

      Thank you, Tina. I really really appreciate that.

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