Cleaning and Editing: a Studio Space Intro. M. Jacinta Silva Armstrong, London.

My first exercise around the Making Space subject was not related to producing work per-se, but to re-structuring my own studio space according to the ideas shared on the last post. In this way, my first action last week was to take a deep look around and think about my work process and its needs, asking myself how actively was I thinking about the space. I realised there were certain discomforts that I had already got used to, maintaining and repeating them in a sort of inertia, although these patterns and routines were determining aspects of my work.

I should say here that I started using my current studio only in September, shortly after graduating from an MA and not knowing yet if I would get a Visa to stay in the UK. Being that the state of things, my way of settling in was rather precarious, in case I had to leave on short notice. 

I put myself hands-on, and after making a big mess and clearing it out, the new organisation of my studio is as follows:

1. Clean Area: Table for drawing, binding, printing, reading, writing, office tasks.

2. Dirty Area: Painting and everything that involves making a mess, without the possibility of contaminating the clean area. With distance enough to look at the work from a few steps away.

3. Exhibition Area. A wall for laying-out and installing finished pieces, as well as photo shooting.

4. Storage Area: Under the tables, to be improved.

Finally, that would be the presentation of my studio space. Here I have been working during these first weeks of residency, on some exercises that I will be sharing on the following posts.

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