How to start contributing?

The only on-boarding guide that you will read!

??   We see the v-SPAR as an informal platform where participants are encouraged to share their creative practice in all possible forms. Share photos, sketches and mood-boards, showcase your past works, open up discussions, give tips on organizing your working space — whatever comes to your mind. 

Here is how you can get started:

?    Submit your application by filling out this online form

?    After you received your account details, log in following this link this link. Update your profile by adding a profile picture and a short bio

?    Explore the dashboard and the tools of the platform (don’t worry it’s not too scary).When logged in you will see a panel on the upper side of the screen and ‘+New’ button on it. Click it to start working on your post.

?     You can upload photos and videos via the media library or embed them using the block editor. Your post will be automatically saved as a draft. When you’re ready, just click “publish”!

⬆️     Please include your name in the title of each post in the format: “title of the post in 1-4 words (comma) your name (dot) your city/country”. The location is optional.

??    Please use English primarily, online translators like can help you. There are a lot of non-native speakers here, don’t worry about it!

?    You might want to start your posts’ series by introducing yourself and telling briefly about your background and work. 

This video might be helpful for getting started – Guide on YouTube

General rules

?   No advertising.
Please don’t promote any products or commercial services unless they have a direct connection to your professional practice.

?   Respect of copyright.
If you’d like to share an article or other material that wasn’t created by you, please make sure to add information about the original source and author.

?   No offensive posts, links or images.
We ask all the participants to act respectful towards our community and will ban any posts that constitute defamation, harassment, or abuse.

?   The recommended publication frequency is 2-3 times a week.
So that all the members of our virtual community get enough “space” for presenting their works in the virtual studio.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any questions!
You can reach us by email:
?   Liza Ordinartceva (SPAR coordinator)
?   Anastasia Patsey (SPAR director)

?   On Instagram and Facebook 

?    Or using the form:

?    We’re looking forward to welcoming you in our online community 

Virtual residents