Welcome to Season 7: Nonconform 2.0

The new season at #VirtualSPAR continues the exploration of unofficial culture of the Soviet period from various perspectives. The Nonconform 2.0 is a virtual writing residency involving seven participants from Russia and the U.S. While they have different backrounds and research topics, they are all united by their interst in nonconformism and the heritage of the Soviet underground.

  • The key theme and starting potin is nonconformism – as a movement in art, literature and music, a sociocultural phenomenon, and a working approach. Nonconform 2.0 is designed to foster exchange and collaborations between researchers, curators, art critics and writers from Russia and the U.S. interested in examining the heritage of unofficial culture of the Soviet period and beyond. The project aims to support the production of a series of texts of various formats reflecting on nonconformism from different angles and targeting an international audience.

Our writers-in-resdience

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