I Am Not Sinking, Cynthia Fusillo



I am reusing materials over and over again in my studio to show a transformation(a metaphor for the human experience). Also, to represent sustainability. Mother Nature is tired of being abused. Let’s celebrate her and respect her.

5 thoughts on “I Am Not Sinking, Cynthia Fusillo

  1. Hi, Cynthia! This is a beautiful work, one of my favourite ones by now. The fact that it exists for a short time and is almost impossible to conserve gives it a special beauty. How do you deal with having to “destroy” these installations after a while?

    1. Hello Anastasia! Thank you.
      The ephemeralness is part of the work. The process of letting go of things we love and create. I do have the documentation though. . And after doing so many, I can re-create them even though there might be some changes. I have done a few small installations in galleries and then when people have bought them I went to their home and installed them ..this is also another way to communicate and enter the lives of others. thank you for asking

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